Japanese corsetのブランド、Shikiと申します。





This is Shiki, the Japanese corset brand that displays the traditional beauty of Japan through clothing. My brand was founded on the belief that we could use the fabrics of beautiful kimonos and sashes to create fashionable and freely wearable products in ways never before seen.
Though I do use some polyester and other materials, my clothing is largely produced from vintage kimonos made from silk. Their varieties and patterns have meaning, and depending on the maker they can be woven with skilled technique.
We want to renew kimonos that have gone unused, and we would be overjoyed if they were worn with their original makers and owners in mind.

The materials for my corsets are specially imported from the United Kingdom.
Since I began making my own completely original patterns, I have done repeated fittings, to reduce the amount of stitching and preserve the look of the pattern.
This allows us to craft original patterns that reveal a pleasant, beautiful figure. The care in handling the patterns is a large part of being handmade.

Though we think corsets have an image of being uncomfortable, there is no need to lace them up very tight.
While I do pay close attention to giving an attractive silhouette, I would like them to be seen as a fashion item for freely coordinating and accenting with, rather than for correcting one's figure.

If you would like to wear a kimono but have not looked into it before, maybe you could start with Japanese goods like these?I would be more than happy if something caught your interest.